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You can tell when love is the Main Rule of the house!
— YouTube Viewer
I love to wait for this family because they are the epitome of Love, Patience, Adventure, Fun, Creativity, and Spirituality. Good job is showing the world that even ordinary things can be a joy to watch...
— Jackie W.
I have to say, you can tell that her mommy is consistent with her. That’s good parenting. At three, she’s pushing those boundaries, and her mom is very clearly showing her that no amount of cuteness will get her to back down from a house rule. That’s the way to raise a responsible young lady. Love it. Bravo, mama!
— Kim M.


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MY NAME IS sherrica

I am a former social worker turned Stay-At-Home-Mom; that is until a viral video open the doors of opportunity, changing the course of my journey. Today I utilize my sociology training, passion for parenting, and love of fashion when creating online content; all while "Mommying In Style."