Don't Be Afraid Of Bright Colors

As winter days continue to chill us to the bone and dark browns, reds, and blues are predominate in the clothing around us, I just want to say…

Where are the bright colors?!


I know, I know. Winter fashion trends call for muted colors, right? I beg to differ, and I want to encourage you to wear those bright colors with confidence!



I wanted to introduce you to a little personal favorite accessory of mine: headwraps. They’re stylish, vibrant, and comfortable. And, truth be told if you’re not feeling like messing with your hair on any given day- headwrap it! And let’s talk about the fashion statement: headwraps are amazing. They can revolutionize any outfit from “cute” to “whoa!”


Hailing from many Sub-Saharan nations, traditional headwraps often hold cultural significance. They occupy a special place in my heart because when I wear them I feel as vibrant, colorful and beautiful as the fabric covering my natural hair.  Knowing that I have a beautiful headwrap boosts my confidence levels even when I'm working on less than glamorous mommy tasks!

There are multiple ways to tie a headwrap. If you want some ideas, click here


Behind this simple piece of fabric lies pride, heritage, and fashion! (Not to mention that it looks like a crown when all is said and done). Through this statement piece, we’re able to make our mark while Mommying In Style!

If you're loving these bright colors as much as I do, order them from my shop (See Below). They're affordable and limited edition, so get a move on!

Sherrica SimsComment