Take a Break!

It's not often that we think of taking trips to the beach during the winter, but that's exactly what my family and I did.  

I've received much criticism for "not capitalizing" on the exposure we've received via our YouTube channel. But no matter how many times I have attempted to implement those suggested strategies, they never seem to work out and often feel foreign and disingenuous. So I made up my mind that, as a mother and wife, I would put my family's interests first. 

We packed up the car, drove 4 hours to Hilton Head Island, and took a break. (Thanks to Palmetto Dunes Resort for the accommodations). I didn't realize how much we needed time away with only the four of us, but it was much needed. 

We were able to connect and enjoy new experiences together without the stress of worrying about how it would affect our daily lives. My husband and I agreed to allow the kids to have input on all future vacations. They are little people and deserve to have a voice in how we break away from the day-to-day routine. 

You can see our fun times below.

Sherrica SimsComment